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John Abrahamsen was raised slowly in suburban New York. He spent his formative years listening to crackly AM pop stations on cheap portable transistor radios. This unproductive behavior led him down an unlikely career path. Once, a very long time ago, he heard the perfect radio show, at once obscure and familiar, and he’s been trying to recreate it ever since. He may have dreamt it; he’s not sure. His quest sent him pinballing from one commercial station to another, his dream show bursting onto the airwaves briefly and then disappearing.

He makes his living as a writer now, and is free to take his noncommercial vision to noncommercial radio. He feels very lucky to have found a home at Radio Phoenix, where he hosts two programs: DIVERGENT SOUNDS: NEW MUSIC SUNDAY (Sun 9a-11a MST) and THE THIRD STREET SHOW (Mon 7p-9p MST). So far, so good… he hasn’t played Maroon 5 in years.