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Bacpac hosts the weekly program “Rockabilly Worldwide Mash-Up” on Radio Phoenix. Prior to joining our station, she volunteered for 8 ½ years with Pacifica’s WBAI (99.5FM) in New York City, where she served as a sound engineer, investigative reporter, and host for their prisoner shout out line program. Before working in community radio, Bacpac studied sound reinforcement and acoustics at Cherry Recording Studios and the Architectural Association, both in London. After her studies she worked for renowned New York City design firm John Storyk (now Walter Storyk) as well as Artec. In addition to her love for rockabilly music, Bacpac is working with the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center (ALAC) to develop a new radio program that will empower young Latinas and encourage them to share their voices via radio.

Brian grew up in Chicago and went to college at Northern Arizona University where he received a degree in mechanical engineering. He enjoys playing music and discussing the current state of the world through the eyes of a millennial who makes his living working for The Man while daydreaming about saving the world. Stephen King, George Carlin, Carl Sagan and Blues music have helped warp his mind into what it is today.

Bryce grew up in northern Wyoming and moved to Arizona while still in high school. He attended Northern Arizona University and received a degree in finance. He enjoys a wide range of activities, from building cars to exploring the world. You can typically find him in the gym or working on a project. His main influences include: comedian Patrice O'Neal and author Ayn Rand.

Byron Fenix, senior producer and host of the weekly radio program Soul Deluxe, is not your average mix DJ and is soul music's most unlikely ambassador. Born to a Navajo father and a half Hopi half Navajo mother, the Phoenix native learned early on to appreciate diversity, not just in the music he collected, but in his everyday life as well. A graduate of Camelback High School in central Phoenix, Byron studied computer aided design at Phoenix College, and has been “spinning vinyl” in one shape or form, for years. 

The second eldest of five children, Byron developed a sense of humility and a strong work ethic early on, in part from having to help watch out for his siblings, while also witnessing it being played out by his elders. Over time Byron’s hard work ethic, creative spirit, and curious nature caused him to take the leap and start sharing his love of music on Phoenix’s online community radio station, Radio Phoenix. First, in 2008, as part of the innovative dance music program, Unity Vibe, he was thrown into talking on the mic by Phoenix’s DJ RMC, and later in 2010, as host of his own popular show.

What some people find the most interesting about him is that even though he now has a regular DJ residency in Phoenix, and a popular radio program, he’s still that humble, curious, hard working guy he always was. He also likes to keep things simple. When not on the air sharing the newest jams with his radio audience or keeping the crowds hyped at the club, Byron says his favorite things to do are spending time with his son, and listening to new music.

Byron is a resident DJ at Red Thai in Phoenix, Arizona.


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