The Team

A full service, full-time, volunteer-powered internet radio station.

Arizona Community Media Foundation (AzCMF)
Board of Directors

James C. Moore
Board President

Stu Turgel
Board Vice President

Bryce Butzine
Board Treasurer

Jeanne Frieden
Board Secretary

Victor Aronow
Board Member

Kaja Brown
Board Member

William Morgan
Board Member



Kaja Brown
Interim Station Manager & Program Director

Tom Coulson
Fundraising Coordinator

Etienne Walden
Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul Music Director

Tashema Oates
Production Coordinator

Roddy Nikpour
Associate Producer - National Programming



Adlee Salaam | "Tray"
Co-Host & Producer, We're On Point

Alan Weaver | "DreamWeaver"

Allyson Song River Jaynes
Co-Host & Producer, The Hay Girls Show

Althea Long | "Thea"
Host & Producer, The Althea Long Show
Co-Host & Producer, The budcoach Radio Show

Austin Montgomery

Brian Martinez
Co-Host & Producer, Livin' The Dream

Bryce Butzine
Co-Host & Producer, Livin' The Dream

Byron Fenix
Host & Producer, Soul Deluxe

Calvin Worthen
Host & Producer, Blue Friday
Co-Host & Producer, Soul Star Live

Carly Dangerous
Co-Host & Producer, Rise

Carol Carter
Co-Host & Producer, The budcoach Radio Show

Carol Pacey
Co-Host & Producer, The Hay Girls Show

Charles Michael Sinclair

Chris Felton | "C Felton The Alchemist"
Host & Producer, The Umoja Show

Christina Sykes

Craig Matthew
Co-Host, The Venus Vault

Debra Momon-Sabir | "Diva D"
Host, Community Outreach
Co-Host & Producer, Soul Star Live

Dennis Patrick Huff
Producer, Native Talk Arizona

Fabrice Beohourou

James C. Moore | "The Professor"
Co-Host & Producer, Soul Star Live
Co-Host & Producer, We're On Point

Jeremie Franko | "Bacpac"
Host & Producer, Rockabilly Worldwide Mash-Up

John Abrahamsen
Host & Producer, Divergent Sounds New Music Sunday
Host & Producer, The Ultimate Infinity

Johnny Castro

John Halbleib

Kaja Brown
Host & Producer, The Bungalow Show
Host & Producer, HipRawk Nation
Executive Producer, Soul Deluxe
Executive Producer, Soul Star Live

Karen Wegryn
Host & Producer, The Outsider

Leah Marché
Host & Producer, LIVE POETIC

Lupita Juarez | "PitaJ"
Co-Host & Producer, Mira Listen
Co-Host & Producer, The Venus Vault

Mark Andersen
Co-Host & Producer, Rise

Nick Ramirez
Co-Host, The Venus Vault

Patrice Graham | "Lady Sincere"
Co-Host & Producer, Sincerely Soulful
Co-Host & Producer, Soul Star Live
Co-Host & Producer, We're On Point

Paul Chapman

Paul Vendredi
Producer, The Hay Girls Show

Reese Brown | "DJ VEX"
Host & Producer, Basement Tapes

Roddy Nikpour
Associate Producer, My World of Music
Associate Producer, Soul Deluxe

Roy Johnston
Host, Native Talk Arizona

Stu Turgel

SyndeeLou Jones
Host & Senior Producer, The Venus Vault

Tom Coulson
Host & Producer, Full Moon Hacksaw

Trevor Dean Arnold

Walt Richardson II
Host & Producer, My World of Music

About Us

  • Supported by community underwriters, businesses and people like you, Radio Phoenix delivers unique 24/7 programming that focuses on local news and culture, organizations, music, artists, youth and more.

Community Radio...

• Is owned and operated by members of the community
• Meets the needs of the community
• Promotes local: local musicians, local artists, local organizations and the arts
• Offers news, views and music you never hear anywhere else

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